Pear and Date Chutney


Keeping homemade chutney in the pantry or fridge is like having a jar of flavour on hand. A good chutney is vinegary, slightly sweet, and subtly spiced. It should be cooked till it’s thick and coloured.

The simplicity of throwing everything in the pot, all at the one time, has me making this pear and date chutney time-and-time-again.

The possibilities are endless as to what you might serve this fruity pear and date chutney with. I love it with cheese – camembert, goats cheese, aged cheddar, basically any cheese, a strong blue is charming sweetened with a dollop of this chutney. Spread it on your favourite sandwich, smear it on fresh sourdough, eat it with double smoked ham. Last weekend, whilst on a yoga retreat, I served this pear and date chutney with chickpea and pumpkin fritters to the delight of all who ate them. There are no rules to what you can or can’t eat this sweet chutney with. I’d even be so bold as to say, have it with a spicy curry.


Pear and Date Chutney


1.5 kg firm green pears

200g dried dates

4 roma tomato, diced

2 tbsp mustard seeds

5 cloves

3 star anise

2 tsp fine salt

2 cups apple cider vinegar

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup water

Dice pears and place in a large heavy based pot, add dates and the remaining ingredients. Stir and place on the heat. Bring to the boil, cook at a medium – low  heat till chutney thickens and liquid evaporates – 50-60 minutes. Once chutney is cooked you can use a potato masher to slightly mash the pear, or leave as is for a chunkier version.

Spoon the hot chutney into sterilised jars. Seal the lid whilst chutney is still hot. Set aside to cool completely. Store in a dark cupboard for up to three months. Refrigerate after opening.

2 thoughts on “Pear and Date Chutney”

  1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for this recipe. I had some over-ripe pears that desperately needed using up, as well as some chopped pear clogging up my freezer. I was searching for a pear and date chutney, having made a delicious version many years ago but unable to find a recipe. I came across your lovely blog and decided to give your version a go.

    It worked beautifully! I served it to guests last night along with some vintage cheddar and they couldn’t get enough of it. And wow, those mustard seeds really take it to another level.

    Even though your recipe called for green pears, which are certainly easier to manage, it still worked out just fine with over-ripe pears. And it was really quick and easy, especially because some of the pear I used was already peeled, cored and chopped and waiting in the freezer to be used as a preserve or in cakes, muffins, etc. I do that with a lot of fruit to prevent waste.

    I’m overstocked with frozen apple at the moment, so I’m thinking about using this recipe to make an apple and date chutney…

    Thanks again. I’m so glad I discovered your beatiful blog!

    1. Wow what a lovely comment, thank you. Let me know how you get on with the frozen apple and date version, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. The cooking time might be altered slightly but I imagine the end result would still be great, especially served with cheese.

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