Ten tips for the perfect omelette


Here’ ten tips to consider when attempting the perfect omelette –  

  • Use fresh free range eggs (or next best, cage free) 
  • Whisk the eggs till just combined (don’t over whisk)
  • Use cream or water – not milk as it burns
  • Season the eggs with salt right before cooking (not earlier as the salt breaks down the proteins)
  • Use half olive oil and half butter to cook the omelette 
  • Pour egg mix into a hot pan
  • Use a wooden spoon to slowly drag the egg from one side of the pan to the other, allow the raw egg to fill the empty space then stop stirring. 
  • Fold the omelette to one corner of the pan and tip straight from the fry pan to the plate
  • Keep the ingredients simple and limit it to 2-3 ingredients 
  • Don’t over cook the it. 



The good egg awards and the omelette cook off


I was surprised, and rather flattered, when I received a call from Kate, from the RSPCA (Australia’s leading animal welfare charity), asking if I’d donate my time to compete in an omelette cook off.

Kate was organising the award ceremony for the Good egg awards, an initiative to encourage businesses to use eggs that come from cage-free-chickens. When she told me, that in Australia alone, there’s still 11 million chickens being kept in cages for egg laying, and that big businesses were still using these eggs in so many different products on the market, I knew I wanted to support the cause and encourage others to use cage free eggs. 

She wanted the cook off to be fun. We’d be using cage-free-eggs and cooking an omelette of our choice. 

CD075_email CD123_email


The contestants were introduced. There were giggles and hand shakes. Omelette making techniques were discussed, but secrets not shared. 

The judges, Dan and Steph from MKR (a popular reality cooking show) were there to taste our omelettes and possibly make us feel slightly nervous. Who me? 

Eggs were gathered, ingredients hoarded, the timer was ticking…

I wanted the ingredients to be simple. It had to be healthy. Spinach…feta… and herbs, that’s it!

Whew, times up. Spatulas down! Time to taste test. Yum!




Spinach and feta omelette



2 free range eggs

1 tbsp thickened cream

Sea salt and cracked black pepper

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp butter

4 English spinach leaves, picked,washed and sliced thinly

A small piece of feta, crumbled

Snip of chives or parsley, chopped


Place eggs, cream, salt and pepper in a small bowl, whisk briefly till just combined.

Heat a medium fry pan with oil, once hot add butter, swirl pan till butter froths. Immediately add egg mixture. Use a wooden spoon to slowly drag the egg from one side of the pan to the other, allow the raw egg to fill the empty space. Repeat this process one more time from the opposite side of the pan. At this point turn the heat down. Scatter omelette with spinach and crumbled feta.

Fold one side of the omelette to the centre, then fold the other side to the centre. Use a spatula to flip omelette, keeping it rolled in it’s cylinder shape. Cook a further 30 seconds. Take the handle of the pan in your left hand and flip the omelette straight on to a plate. Sprinkle with chopped chives and cracked pepper. Eat immediately.

4 thoughts on “Ten tips for the perfect omelette”

  1. Very well done ‘chelle. We are your most ardent fans, why wouldn’t we be? We have tasted the goodies. lol Hilory & Mel

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